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Committed to the accelerated translation of scientific breakthroughs in agricultural technologies to serve the digital and precision agriculture industries.

The state of Iowa is committed to the development of the digital and precision agriculture ecosystem in our state to accelerate technology, workforce, and economic development. The core competencies needed to accomplish this goal exist in our leading regent universities – Iowa State University and the University of Iowa.

Precision & Digital Agriculture Resources

Connecting Iowa’s Knowledge to Bring Innovation

We hope to accelerate the translation of scientific breakthroughs and, in turn, enrich the development of a skilled biosciences workforce and diversified economy in the state of Iowa.

Nadilia Gomez

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for the Digital and Precision Agriculture Bioscience Platform at Iowa State University

Nadilia Gomez has over a decade of experience in plant sciences and digital ag R&D, corporate innovation, and innovation-driven entrepreneurship. She can help you navigate our vast digital and precision ag resource pool to achieve your goals in the fastest and most efficient way.


Technology Concierge

Let us do the leg work to navigate our incredible pool of resources and connect
you and your company a fast and efficient way!